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Suez Canal Reopens After Stuck Cargo Ship Is Freed

On top of all challenges we have been facing with Pandemic, such as lockdowns, , unemployment, companies bankruptcies, all of that that will lead us to another kind of problems, such as Freight costs increases, Shortages, congestions in ports and airports all over the world, now we got a stuck vessel in Suez Channel. Can we plan in the supply chain all these kinds of disruption? We always should have a plan B for it, but we not always have.

Dual vendors, supply agreements with Vendors, close relation with Freight forwarders and if possible some buffer inventory would be some of the possibilities that may solve the problem, but bottom line is that we all should constantly analyze the full world scenario and try to predict and try be prepared for any disruption like this. Do not sit down and wait problems to solve by itself, act, look for options, talk to people, see what others are doing, comunicate, comunicate comunicate!!!

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mauricio bufano
mauricio bufano
Apr 22, 2021

Nice Pic

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